Company History

1985 --- co-founded by the first secondary school in Jinhua City and Shanghai Iron and Steel Institute, founded in Jinhua City Welding Material Factory. 

1988 --- "no silver, low silver solder research and pilot" by the National Ministry of Light Industry Science and technology achievement appraisal. 

1992 --- "low silver brazing process applied research (small motor part)" identified by the State Department of Electrical and scientific and technological achievements. 

1995 --- "low silver brazing process applied research (medium-sized motor part)" identified by the State Department of Mechanical Science and technological achievements. 

1997 --- made ​​"People's Republic of China Import and Export Enterprise Qualification Certificate." 

1999 --- "rare silver solder" won the Ministry of SME Technology Innovation Fund. 

1999 --- certified by ISO 9002 quality standard system. 

2002 --- restructuring into joint-stock companies, by the "Jinhua City Welding Material Factory" was renamed "Admiralty Welding Materials Co., Ltd. Jinhua City." 

2002 --- made ​​"Jinhua Famous Brand" title. 

2004 --- made ​​"provincial high-tech enterprise research and development centers" title. 

2004 --- "rare silver solder" was named "Zhejiang high-tech products." 

2005 --- "shape memory titanium-nickel alloy brazing material" won the national key new product projects. 

2008 --- relocated to Jinhua City Industrial Park, Longtan Road 306. 

2008 --- was identified as "Jinhua known firms." 

2008 --- cadmium-free and environment-friendly silver solder won the "National Torch Program." 

2009 --- was named Zhejiang industrial and commercial corporate credit rating "Credible" units. 

2009 --- through the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. 

2009 --- obtained two patents, respectively, "containing gallium, indium and rare earth neodymium cadmium-free silver solder," and "containing gallium, indium, rare earth silicon and cadmium-free silver solder." 

2009 --- was identified as "national high-tech enterprises." 

2009 --- won the "Jinhua patent model enterprises". 

2011 --- "amorphous nickel based brazing filler" to get Jinhua City, focused on science and technology projects.